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my english is very suck. but i’m try. google
 try too.

00. How would your personal paradise look like?
:: Weekends and friends. And we have the money.

01. Name the thing that you would take with you to a desert island.
:: i want Bear Grylls :3

02. Dog or Cat?
:: Dog. 

03. Flying or Sailing?
:: flying. 

04.Meat or fish?
:: MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05. Where do you want to go with all your heart?
:: osaka, japan. I love takoyaki.

06. What is your most precious possession?
:: well, now jor-el hot toy. someday I will be coated maid costume!

07. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
:: Hard to hentai alone… part24601 Called me so

08.What’s your favorite season?
:: summer! 

09.Top 5 favorite cartoons!
:: lupin the 3rd, ghost in the shell, Justice League, black jack, superman batman

10. Name the movie which you will never ever watch again.
:: The Fly(1986). I’m saw this movie my age 9. my dad Be forced to see, and this movie is My trauma.


1. What inspired you on choosing your tumblr name?

my nickname is saewoo. so, saew69 !

2. What’s your favorite fictional character?


3. Who is sexiest on a horse?(in your opinion)

Russell crowe rode horse :3

4. What is your traditional dish?(traditional food on your area only!)

area only? I don’t know… but I like traditional dish is ssam.

(Ssam is meat, vegetables, rice, and so on, wrapped in greens such as lettuce leaves, sesame leaves, pumpkin leaves, and cabbage and garnished with red-pepper paste or other condiments.)

5. How many language do you know?

Korean, Japanese a little
6. What do you always do when you’re shy?

laugh. :3 hehehe…
7. What’s your favorite way to show someone that you’re sorry for your fault?

Go eat something delicious.(of course, I paid)
8. Russell Crowe and you, who has bigger boobs?

WHAT RUSSELL CROWE’s BOOBS SIZE? i’m very Serious… um… well, cup is my win:3

9. When you were a little child, what did you answer when someone asked you of what you would be when you grow up?

basketball player. LOL. 
10. Do you ever do something just for snack or ice-cream?

? I do? for snack or ice-cream? well…. I have to pay.

11. Do you hear the people sing?

분노한 민중의 노래~! (=singing the song of angry men)


1.what’s your nickname?

새우 Saewoo.

2.your meaning of a nickname.

shrimp :3

3.What is your favorite movie?


4.What’s your favorite actor?

RUSSELL CROWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.What’s your favorite color and reason

purple. no reason. just like >:D

6.Your draw style?

I don’t know. just draw-> is my style :3

7. If your favorite fictional character is your lover, you?

don’t die… don’t die….

8.What’s your favorite valjean and javert?(novel,movie,musical comics etc.)


9.valvert’s best scene?



10. Ask to Javert and Valjean.

um….. lovers?

11.What’s Your recent hobby?

 I’m start, league of legends. very fun.



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3:10 to yuma

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Leopold x max + valvert

hugh Naameh x russell noah Mpreg

hugh Naameh x russell noah Mpreg





les mis nsfw

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